Pioli: 'Never th抄袭软文赚钱有哪些项目ought about Simeone'

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"Gabigol comes from a different footballing mentality and will be ready.

"When we had meetings about the transfer market, Gagliardini was at the top of my list."

"The importance of the Suning project spurs us on but I think it is normal to talk about our future.

Pioli then went on to discuss a variety of matters, including the current status of striker Gabriel Barbosa and his side's ambitions for the Coppa Italia.

"We can control how we go about our work and when we have21点官网 mastered that, then we can bring home the results."

"Candreva? Our relationship is excellent because we have the same goals and nothing serious happened at Lazio."

Rumours have been circulating that Inter want to build a side with more young Italians. The process has started with the acquisition of Roberto Gagliardini from Atalanta, but what is the aim of such an initiative?

Pioli then concluded with his thought on his relationship with Antonio Candreva, which was said to be difficult whilst the pair were at Lazio.

"Simeone? With all honesty I never thought about him, I’m the Coach of a great team and I know that many want t真人外围投注he job. I remain determined, the results will be decisive.

"If the players are aware of their strengths, they can overcome obstacles.

Inter Coach Stefano Pioli admits he's 'never thought about' Diego Simeone, after the Atletico Madrid boss to return to the club.

"Trying to have strong Italian players in the team can help you to achieve a stronger team. Bringin在线外围投注g in Gagliardini helps us move in this direction and I believe that it can be a target for more precise future.

"Coppa Italia? We'll try to deal with it with great seriousness and with great ambition, Inter must take part to win, it makes part of their history.

A run of six consecutive victories in Serie A has brought talk of a Champions League finish for the Nerazzurri, but for now. But what is the secret to winning in football?

"Football – like with all other sports – is basically mental, the psyche is the master," the 51-year-old revealed to Radio Anch’io Sport.